Traidhos Camp

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Parent Information

Good reasons for sending your children to Traidhos Camp, Chiang Mai

Traidhos Camp is fun!

Many children lead very structured lives during term time with school, homework, extra tutoring and other classes. Traidhos Activity Camp provides a well balanced program of interesting activities but there is plenty of time for young people to play, relax and enjoy each day without rushing from one thing to the next.

Traidhos Camp encourages children to be active

City life especially in SE Asia involves a lot of sitting –stuck in traffic jams, watching TV or video, playing at the computer. Traidhos Summer Camp allows children to run and play, hike in National Parks, swim most days in the Traidhos pool, walk between activities on the large, green campus and generally adopt a more healthy, active lifestyle.

Traidhos Camp allows campers to make friends in mixed age groups

Much of children’s school life is spent in segregated age – specific groupings. One of the benefits of Traidhos Camp, Chiang Mai is that young people work and interact with older and younger campers, allowing them to learn from each other and play different roles within the group. Campers are usually aged between 9 – 12 years old. Campers develop new social skills.

Traidhos Camp facilitates new friendships

Often young people only know the children they meet at school or at their after school activity club. At Traidhos Camp, the residential nature of the activity programs allows children to participate in different groupings and over the course of the camp make friends with children from different schools, cities and countries.

Traidhos Camp develops self-confidence

At Traidhos Camp, we operate a challenge by choice policy – no child will be forced to complete an activity, but caring camp staff will support and encourage each camper to know that they can succeed and achieve new things. Experiencing the success that this brings, stretches each camper and motivates them to try other new things.

Traidhos Camp encourages independence

Living away from parents or grandparents in a new place can be scary, but Traidhos holiday camp staff will support each camper to manage their belongings, laundry, money, personal needs and help them to take responsibility for community tasks which contributes to each person developing independence.

Traidhos Camp is not dependent upon technology

At Traidhos Camp we want young people to interact with each other, to try new activities and to have fun without relying on tablets, phones and computers. Phone time is permitted each evening after activities but for the rest of the camp time, campers are encouraged to remain unplugged from their gadgets.

Traidhos Camp provides campers with the chance to live in a natural environment

From the tree lined campus and large field spaces, to time spent on the Traidhos Farm getting to know the animals and hunting for bugs in the mountain stream, Traidhos Camp is a green and natural choice to spend the Summer. Children will learn to feel at ease in a natural setting and will experience the calm and happiness living close to nature offers.

Traidhos Camp helps to build resiliency

Campers are encouraged to reflect after group games and activities to consider how to improve their performance and how to work better as a team. This helps campers to have the attitude of a learner and to see that there is more than one way to go about a challenge and that having a go and not giving up, is the most important thing.