Traidhos Three-Generation Camps (Traidhos Camps)

Traidhos Virtual Camp Adventures (Age 9 - 12)

The alternative to your usual summer camp experience. Participate in many of the usual camp elements with the ethos of Traidhos Camp, from your own home!

While the need to restrict travel and practice social distancing remains in place, Traidhos staff are excited to provide three two- week programs (0900 – 1200 Monday – Friday ( thai time) of interactive educational activity that will allow you to meet other participants and safely interact with our knowledgeable staff.

The price includes structured activity delivered by full time educators, support material and a certificate of completion.

On receiving your registration you will be sent a simple equipment list that will be needed for full participation in this virtual holiday program.

Choose from these Virtual Summer Camp Programs
1. Journey Through Thailand
2. Wacky Wizard Week and Superhero Academy
3. Excitement English and Environment

It is possible to join multiple camps

To register email to

Session 1: Journey through Thailand with environmental educators originally from UK, USA, Holland, China and Thailand. staff (

Date: 15 – 19 June, 22 – 26 June 2020 (10 day program)

Time: 0900 – 1200 (Thai time, GMT+6)

Cost: THB10,000*

*If you only attend one week of Journey through Thailand @THB6,000

Virtual Platform: Zoom

Recommended Age: 9 – 13

English speaking/ listening level required: comfortable with English conversation

Suitable for students who are interested in nature and environmental issues, who want to think about ways to take personal action and to live a more sustainable life, and who want to make friends and have fun playing and learning together in a virtual camp. This is designed to be a 10 day camp program.

Description: Collect your virtual passport and set off on your journey that will take you to find out about Thailand’s natural places. Each day, you will travel the rivers and mountains of Thailand, journeying south via National Parks until you reach the sea. On the way, discover some amazing facts about the creatures that live there, investigate how human’s are impacting the environment and connect to the unique culture of Thailand.

During the journey, you will play games with other participants, complete challenges on and off screen, refer to the sustainable development goals participate in discussions and reflections facilitated by Traidhos staff, take part in role play and enjoy an end of trip virtual campfire.

You will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the trip and will collect stamps to record your virtual travels in your special passport after each location.


Participants will receive electronic files with activities to do at home, that support the virtual camp learning which should be completed before or after each on-screen day. These activities allow the fun and learning to continue both online and offline.

An equipment list will be sent once registration and payment has been received.

Equipment will be the sorts of things found in most homes: basic stationary (paper, cardboard, tape, pens, glue) and some ingredients from your kitchen depending on the virtual adventure that you select.

To register email to

See attachment of details and costs