Traidhos Three-Generation Camps (Traidhos Camps)


As parents of our son, who attended Survival Camp we would like to share our big thank you to you for organizing such a wonderful camp! This was an excellent program which gave a very fantastic opportunity which only can provide at Prem campus in Chiang Mai, nowhere else than there. Our son came back home every day with lots of stories from a day and big satisfied face!!! We are really waiting for next survival chance with your camp team!


August 2020

Virtual Camp “Journey Around Thailand” is a very good experience for us and we learned a lot during the journey! my son is very happy in these classes.


August 2020

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity. Both of our children absolutely loved it, they've experienced and leant so many new things, they're still talking about it. You have lovely staff, And our daughter was very sad to say goodbye to them.

The camp is a great experience, I can see why it is so popular.

Parent of Young Naturalist Camper

July 2020

Thanks for your work. My daughter enjoys the camp very much.

Mum of Fun Food and Feasting camper

July 2020

Thank you, all the good memories that make my son love the world


To the incredible, dedicated staff who have been looking after our boys during this period.

I've been continually amazed and humbled by the amount of thought, planning and labor that has gone into the programme.

Today, the boys came back from a morning at the farm and they could tell me - in startling detail - how compost is made and maintained, how the baby goats are still too young to be fed solids, and about the complex relationship between bees and wasps. And this is just one example of the kind of experiences the teachers have afforded them.

What the camp has contributed to the boys' well being - both mental and physical - during these times is immeasurable. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Mother of day camper, 2020

It was a wonderful time studying and playing in Traidhos, the activity was so excellent and the teachers were with great enthusiasm to their career. The kids kept saying that they would like to go back again. Thank you so much for the great teachers. I have been teaching kids English for many years but it was the first time I was so proud that we could learn it well, 'cause it helps us see a better world, meet wonderful people, and know the world from different view. Traidhos is a dream-like place that it is so lucky to study and spend the life there. I took kids to Thailand for the kids are surrounded by endless homework and have little time playing outside. I found it hard for them to stay with the nature. The trees,the bushes, the river, the flowers. I believe the lack of nature environment does little goodness to their growth. Kids are so lucky growing in Traidhos. I really look forward to going back there with kids. And I really look forward to meeting you again. Your enthusiasm and professional spirit really touched us a lot!

Icey Camp

December 2019

Thank you very much for your careful arrangement. Our children are very happy. I am very pleased to introduce this winter camp to my friends. We have participated in very meaningful and interesting activities. The teacher has been leading the children together for a short time, which has kept them in mind. Thank you very much!

Ivy Camp

Shenzhen, December 2019

The summar camp is finished in Aug. The feedback from the kid and family is very good about the camp. Thanks very much for your team's great activity.


Participant organizer English camp C

The value of Traidhos Family Camp for our group was feeling more involved with Thai society, learning about new cultures and thinking about others.

Helen 2019

it was a great camp, thanks for all your staff's hard working. I believe the kids and leaders all had a wonderful time in there. It's always emtional to say goodbye, hopefully we will send another group next year.

Staff Neo-Elite

customized camp July 2019

An unforgettable summer because I went to parent-child camp. The parent-child relationship is of great benefit to the child's development. You can clearly feel the child speaking English more often and enjoy every activity with all your heart. I also free myself from my work, enjoying freedom and relaxation.

Parent joining Imagine Education

Family Camp July 2019

Family Camp was excellent! We liked seeing elephants, Elephant Poo Poo paper, Thai musical class, working in the field with the buffalo, jungle cooking, insect museum and all games! We could learn knowledge and have fun.The staff did a very good job in this camp. The children liked them very much.

Giraffe Family Camp

August 2017

I consider the value of Traidhos Camps English Through Environment program to be the following:

1. Different and valuable learning experiences
2. Great teachers
3. Great food
4. Beautiful Campus


August 2017

Thank you for the such a great time in CAMP.

(My child) told me that he wants to study in PREM as soon as possible.


Parent English Camper 2017

I do a lot of activities outdoors. I know how to play golf which I had never played before.

Thanks for teachers who teach me and always help me. Thanks all of my friends, you stay with me and give me a fun summer holiday.

This camp made me know (to) guess the word letter and meaning is better than research it without thinking. Bring everything you need is more convenient and save money is important. Now I know team work can make big energy and that reading and saying are important in English.

English Camp camper

Thank you very much for the arrangement of the summer camp。The children leave school, and cried,Because they liked the teacher and the school,Don't want to leave。


August 2016, China

At Traidhos Camp...

I liked to catch bugs.

I liked werewolf game. I learned how to play werewolf game.

I liked to play with guinea pigs.

I liked to go to Doi Inthanon.

I didn't like to play with goats.

I liked to go to the farm.


Songkran English Camp camper 2016

Dear Mr Jay,

I am writing to tell you what an amazing time I had in Week 4. I loved all the activities that we did, especially the high ropes course! I also enjoyed talking to the teachers/ counsellors and racing in the swimming pool against them! Overall I had a wonderful time and I hope I will come back next year!

Thank you and all the teachers for making it possible!



Lucy had a great time!

Anne Bloom

My son Rihito enjoyed summer camp, and wants to see the friends again.

He started Facebook to communicate with some of campers.

Of course, He would like to join the next year's camp again (or enter Prem!)

Warm regards,


Much appreciated. Max is most looking forward to coming to the camp again.