Traidhos Three-Generation Camps (Traidhos Camps)


Pretty Moms

Pretty Moms Lanna


Pretty Moms Ping

The Pretty Moms Camp had requested some activities to learn about Thai culture so campers explored two popular Thai festivals - the November Full Moon Festival Loy Krathong and the Thai New Year Festival of Songkran. The camp ended with another northern Thai tradition - a kantok dinner with dance and drumming show.


Pretty Mom Habitat

Parents and children braved the climbing wall, tried their hand at weaving in a Karen Village and thought about the bugs and insects that are found in different habitats.
Participants had a great week learning and exploring on the Traidhos campus as well as in Chiang Mai.


Pretty Mums 3 - 5

Seven days six nights on Traidhos Campus with ten kids and also mums and dads  brought out lots of smiles, laughing and singing  songs throughout the camp.

Every day after a nice meal and comfy bed had boosted up our energy,  everyone was ready to experience all the activities – Poopoo Paper, Hidden Village, Low Ropes, Bike Ride, Yoga, Baking Pizza, Thai Elephant Care, Making Kratong and at the end of camp, a special  Northern dinner and show.

Yes! We did all of these in one week – Let these pictures explain to you!

Mum look those are piglets (Hidden Village)

Dad I want to feed them...

Who says we can't do yoga.

We will sing the song for all of you on BBQ night

We are making Kratong with our mums

Loy Krathong is here and everybody’s full of cheer,


Origin Papaya Camp

We had a great week with the Papaya Family Camp the kids were full of energy which made their camp experience one to remember. With a wide range of activities the children were able to endure many opportunities from the camp. From Pizza making at the farm to washing the elephants at Thai Elephant Care. All the parents were with their kids all the time to help and support the children. It was a totally worthwhile experience. The highlight for the children was the trip they took to the Hidden Village in Chiang Mai, this was a really good day as it allowed the children to enjoy time with their parents to play and to be free. Throughout the week the children completed paintings and drawings. Staff created a journal for the children and presented them with a certificate at the end of the camp at the Khantoke dinner. This is a nice memory of their time on camp which the children can take home with them.

Wow, they are very big...

Here look, these stick insects look just like a stick!

Let's come and take a close look, what do you see there...
Oh... These are all silk worms, they are eating.