Traidhos Three-Generation Camps (Traidhos Camps)


Camp Counsellor Development Program 2018 (CCDP)

Traidhos Camps welcomed three young people to participate in the Camp Counsellor Development Program. The Program is designed to allow young people the opportunity to develop leadership skills in a real setting, alongside the adult leaders working with family and English camps.

The young coaches went through a selection and interview process and had to be committed to reflecting on their activities in a nightly blog as well as working alongside staff throughout the camp.

Each day, they helped the campers with activities, translations and listened to their stories and questions.They supported staff helping to prepare equipment and turning the campers' work into workbooks. Amongst all this they also joined the campers to some interesting places in and around Chiang Mai.

In the final blogs, the CCDP leaders commented,

"I improved, accomplished and experienced a lot in the last two weeks"

"At the first time I was kind of nervous to deal with so many people yet now I can do everything fine"

"I have made friends with the staff and with the campers and I believe that I will still remember them years later"

"I want to come here again next year if I can"


Traidhos camp staff enjoyed working with the young coaches and believe that they were great role models for the young campers.