Traidhos Three-Generation Camps (Traidhos Camps)


English Camp

During the weeks of April 17 - 30, the Traidhos Three Generation Community for Learning was happy to host a group of nine students, ages 9 - 11, from Bangkok. Students came to study English in a fun and exciting environment while exploring the many adventures Chiang Mai has to offer.

During their stay, they spent classroom learning time with Ajarn Rosalyn, where they learned in a lively and effective interactive method. They played games, did projects and had a great hands-on learning experience.

Outside of the classroom, students had the opportunity to explore beautiful Northern Thailand, with activities planned in and around the city of Chiang Mai and as far away as Doi Intanon, the tallest peak in all of Thailand.

Adventures included zip-lining through the jungles, where they got to experience a part of the rain forests previously reserved for only a select group of scientists and researchers, hiking deep into the forest to arrive at a Karen Hill Tribe, taking soil and water samples and testing for water cleanliness in the waterfalls of Doi Intanon, shopping at the Chiang Mai Walking Street Market, plowing the rice fields behind a buffalo at the Buffalo Camp and visiting the Chiang Mai Zoo.

Activities on the Three Generation campus included archery, farm education along with a jungle cooking course, swimming, umbrella painting, 'crazylympics' sports games and the camp was brought to a close with a traditional Northern Thai Kantoke dinner, complete with local drumming, dance performances and the grand finale being students letting off their own Khom Loy, the traditional Thai sky lanterns.

English Camp was a great time for each of these nine students, awarding them the opportunity to expand their English skills both in the classroom and by speaking with native English speakers throughout each of their educational adventures. Each and every student showed significant improvement in not only their English knowledge, but also in their confidence to use that knowledge, and in the end, each of these students built friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.