Traidhos Three-Generation Camps (Traidhos Camps)


Traidhos Summer Camp 2

Well what a fantastic time we all had this week.

The theme of the week was “Bubblemaker” which was four mornings of fun tuition in the basics of  Scuba Diving. Campers learnt all about the equipment they would use, how to use it, the signals required underwater because obviously they were unable to speak down there! After two days tuition in the small pool where they mastered all the basics it was off to the big pool to dive through hoops and retrieve weighted letters to make up words and sentences. All in all a great experience and at the end the campers all received a certificate for completing the course.

All around the “Bubblemaker” the children took part in lots of other activities based on our “5C’s” ethos.

New skills were learnt in the form of Archery with our own expert K Dang, how to make yogurt and cookies in our Cooking Academy, a visit to our Traidhos farm where campers learnt about the preparation of the ground and planting of crops in a very hands-on muddy-hands way!  Once cleaned up they had great fun making their own pizzas with vegetables and fruit from the farm and there was also a fun experience orienteering using our on site campus course.

Let’s not forget the barbecue and campfire where everyone had toasted marshmallows followed by an impromptu light sabre fight with someone with glow sticks...

The group visited and had a very hands-on experience at Siam Insect Zoo where they were close up to lots of caterpillars, butterflies, stick insects, grubs and spiders! Fearless campers also handled some of the resident iguanas.

A visit to Doi Inthanon National Park, included reaching the summit of Thailand’s highest mountain, followed by an overnight stay in National Park cabins. In the morning the happy campers trekked with a Karen guide to the Karen village were they saw locals weaving and also learnt about coffee making and sampled some too!

All in all a great week was had by all who left this camp, with lots of new skills gained into the bargain.

Thanks campers and hopefully see you all next year!