Traidhos Three-Generation Camps (Traidhos Camps)


Summer Camp

Today is the last day of this summer camp. I experienced a lot of things. My best experience is watching the plants growing. I can't remember all the activities that I did but I can remember my plant, because it is really amazing. When I plant it, first it was just a bean and two days later when I came back to class I was surprised because my plant grew up a little bit and the next day and the next day it grew up a lot. I wanted to let it get more sunshine, so I left it outside. However, it rained heavily so my plant (was) broken. I was so sad and I thought that it cannot grow any more. Today its broken stem was fixed by itself. I was really surprised and sorry. I thought my plant was weak but it isn't. It is really strong. 

So I learn that I should be strong like my plant.