Traidhos Three-Generation Camps (Traidhos Camps)


Home for Mothers Family Camp

Traidhos Camp team welcomed twelve people from the Home for Mothers Group, China  for a week-long family camp, to enjoy participating together in environmental activities on the Traidhos Campus.

The group explored the farm, learning how to milk goats and meeting the other animals who live there. They hunted for bugs in the long grass and examined them under magnifying glasses before releasing them back to their natural habitat. They also had fun cooking and playing games together, visiting local sites and watching the flames of the campfire.

As well as these planned activities, all sorts of incidental learning took place as children were given time to explore and play in a natural setting. One of the highlights for the young campers was watching the red fire ants move along the wall in the outside breakfast area each morning. The students observed their behaviour, became familiar with each part of their body and tested how they reacted to being offered different foods. It was a great example of experiential learning.