Traidhos Three-Generation Camps (Traidhos Camps)


Grade 7 Doi Pui Camp

The camp started with an exciting bus ride up the mountain, past Doi Suthep and Wat Prah That, and onto the narrow roads leading up to Doi Pui. We reached the campsite and the students assembled their tents - their home for the next few days. After exploring the beautiful campsite, and admiring the view over a distant Chiang Mai, we began the first activity, which involved a community investigation at the local Hmong village. We walked the few kilometers from the campsite to the village, enjoying the sounds of nature and spotting wildlife in the forest.

Once at the village, Grade 5 started to interview the Hmong villagers about their lives and their village, played outside the local school with the school kids and bought fruit and snacks from a food seller. After the walk home, the ‘camp teams’ assembled to help cook, clean and plan a game to play with the group. We all ate dinner together and then finished the day with a campfire - full of games and marshmallows, above the twinkling lights and fireworks from Loy Krathong in the city.

The second day we were introduced to Forru, and began birdwatching around the campsite. After lunch we learnt about Forru’s reforestation efforts, found out what animals were natural reforesters, and then planted seedlings into bags, which will eventually grow into trees on Doi Pui. We let off some energy playing games like ‘Capture the cup’, ‘Evolution’ and ‘Wink murder’, enjoyed another campfire, even more marshmallows, and then luckily all got into our tents before the rain started.

After a stormy night, where the campers luckily managed to stay dry and sheltered in their tents, the Forru team led the group on a hike up to the summit of Doi Pui, through the beautiful foggy forest, stopping along the way to learn about different flora and fauna. We reached the summit surrounded in clouds! The group then hiked back down to the campsite, had lunch, packed up, and with tired legs but smiling faces returned back to school.