Traidhos Three-Generation Camps (Traidhos Camps)


Traidhos October English Camp

October brought us the start of cooler weather and the joy of a new camp! We had a mix of nationalities including Japanese, Russian and Thai, a wonderful collection of different backgrounds which made an interesting but harmonious camp.

As well as improving the skills of English through fun and interactive lessons and games, the campers also experienced Archery, bike riding, and nature crafts, which included creating a Mexican “God’s Eye”.

To experience the simple rural life, the Camp headed up to Mae Kampong, visited a hotspring and then stayed overnight with a host family to learn about Traditional Thai life, whilst connecting to nature. They also experienced a new camp activity, Zorbing! This involved rolling and spinning down a hill whilst being inside a giant bouncy ball.

We ended October Camp with a brilliant campfire where campers played games, sang songs and cooked ‘stick bread’ over the fire.

The campers all valued the time spent living together, playing together as a group, sharing ideas, learning through action, and being close to nature.