Traidhos Three-Generation Camps (Traidhos Camps)


Traidhos Summer English Camp

Traidhos Camp was full of chatter when the doors opened to students from Thailand, Korea, japan and China for the annual Traidhos English Camp. This Camp ran for three weeks, allowing campers the chance to become really immersed in English language and to develop the confidence to speak out as they became comfortable with both English teachers, Camp Counsellors and their peers.

Each morning, Traidhos Campers left the bunk house area and were divided into small age and ability grouped language classes, where experienced native speakers taught the four language skills. Students were encouraged to be active users of language with presentations and role play appropriate to the level of the learner.

In the afternoons, campers practiced language in real-life settings while playing games, accepting challenges, participating in activities on the Traidhos Farm and while exploring the local Chiang Mai neighbourhood.

In the written report provided by each teacher for every camper, at the end of the camp, it was clear that students were well-known by their teachers and that each had been encouraged to build upon their initial skills. Students were happy to be able to understand and follow instructions, to have improved their writing ability and to have used English throughout the camp.

The photo shows triumphant English Campers successfully showing the result of the challenge to make a container that could carry something. Pictured here, campers proudly show off their knotty solutions.