Traidhos Three-Generation Camps (Traidhos Camps)


Summer Camp – Living on Earth

We were very happy to welcome so many of our campers from the previous week to stay longer and join in with our final week of summer camp. This changed the dynamics of the camp, as they had already become good friends and eagerly welcomed the new campers in to join the group.

We began our final week with some archery - luckily not testing our survival skills to catch our dinner, but practising with large targets. Although later in the week, the campers did learn what it’s like to cook food on a homemade fire in the Jungle Cooking lunchtime activity led by the farm staff, where they cooked meat, made laab, nam prik, salsa, and other delicious foods on open fires.

As the main focus for this week was getting back to nature - and respecting our planet - we spent a lot of time outside, both on-campus and exploring the local area. Our ventures brought us to Elephant Nature Park, where we bathed and fed elephants, learning about how they have been rescued from cruelty.

The camp also kayaked their way to the houseboats on Mae Ngat Dam, and enjoyed playing in the water surrounded by the beautiful forest.

And naturally, we had to end the Summer Camp season with a magnificent camp fire - full of songs and marshmallows!