Traidhos Three-Generation Camps (Traidhos Camps)


Summer Camp - Science & Discovery

Summer Camp began with Science Week, facilitated and run by Science fanatic-Craig from the Barge. This week taught the kids how to build and power their own rockets, create and explode volcanoes, and one of the campers’ favourite days was when they became forensic scientists and learnt how the forensic department would investigate a crime scene, with fingerprints, mould-making and other detective tactics.

The group went on an outing to the Pong Dued Hot Spring and Geyser, where they could see how science really does explain the natural world that we live in-and enjoyed learning about the power of water under the earth’s surface and seeing it in action!

The campers had a lot of fun and made new friends- with some of them continuing their stay at Traidhos camp into the next week.