Traidhos Three-Generation Camps (Traidhos Camps)


English Camp

Traidhos hosted thirty-three campers, aged 8 - 15, from China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Laos and Thailand for the 2013 English Camp.

Two students from England also came to Triadhos camp to expand their Thai speaking ability. This diverse group of students learned to embrace their differences and used the common language of English to make lasting bonds. Campers quickly began to mingle with other nationalities: they not only helped one another improve in English, but also discussed their own cultures and taught each other phrases in their native languages.

To compliment English classes, all activities were led in the common language that allowed students’ fluency and confidence to flourish. After English Camp finished, eight campers became Prem students.

Campers met their teachers in Week One and were divided into four classes based on curriculum and individual ability. Outside of the classroom, activities focused on fun games and team-building. Campers often had the chance to swim in the Olympic-sized pool before dinner. Exciting outdoor activities included a trip to Mae Taman Elephant Camp, bamboo rafting, and jungle cooking on our organic farm. At the end of the week students got the chance to ride bikes to the buffalo farm, where they experienced first-hand how to use the large animal in ploughing the rice fields.

In Week Two many campers felt a boost in self-esteem when they as they participated the team-building activities, high ropes course, and confidence course in Tha Ton. We travelled to the Opium Museum in Chiang Rai where students explored the history of the Golden Triangle. Everyone climbed over 300 steps to the entrance of Wat Doi Suthep where they gathered to listen to the legend of the white elephant before exploring the exquisite temple. A trip to the Chiang Mai Aquarium allowed campers to observe creatures of the sea and experience what life is like under the ocean.

The final week of camps began with an exciting visit to the Chiang Mai Walking Street Market. Campers travelled to Mae Ngad Dam where they spent time kayaking, swimming and boating. For the last trip the older students went in the calm pool underneath Mok Fa Waterfall and the younger students aided the national park by planting trees. This was followed by an educational adventure to the Pong Duet Geyser where the students learned about geothermal energy then spent time soaking in hot spring water. On the last night together, everyone gathered for a traditional Khantoke dinner show and lantern lighting ceremony.