Traidhos Three-Generation Camps (Traidhos Camps)


Young Naturalists Camp 2020

The Three Generation Farm conducted a Young Naturalists camp aimed to spark and cultivate curiosity, enthusiasm and passion for nature. The enthusiastic participants got to be at our organic farm and learn about biodiversity conservation & sustainability through a series of activities spread across four days. We ensured that the young naturalists got the most out of their 4-day camp. The participants got to explore the farm through a series of cryptic riddles, followed by games. They experienced the traditional methods of rice farming and also the biodiversity within a paddy field. The students interacted with tadpoles to snails and understood the role they play in keeping the paddy fields healthy and nutrition rich. Furthermore, they interacted with our numerous farm animals including the tortoises, goats and buffaloes learning about animal behaviour through observation.

The students developed different skills including how to use field equipment such as binoculars, microscopes and DSLR cameras. The participants joined a long bird walk with the farm staff and saw around 12 species of birds. They later made pizza for lunch and used tools including saws, hot glue, knives and machete to build bird houses from scratch.

From Jungle cooking to pizza making - the young naturalists learnt how to cook outdoors using farm tools and survival skills. They participants also got a chance to tap into their creative side in Natural Pigments activity. They created incredible prints on paper using watercolour that they  made from natural materials like roots, leaves and coal. They also used leaves to understand and make photograms. Using microscopes to look at Amoebas and Paramecium to using a plough and a domestic buffalo to mix the land, the participants got an incredible opportunity to see and learn about the biodiversity around us. From the smallest unicellular animals to large mammals like buffaloes, the participants appreciated the life around us through this camp.