Traidhos Three-Generation Camps (Traidhos Camps)


Holiday Intensive English Camp

The Prem camp hosted 19 students from different countries including China, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea and Japan for the Holiday Intensive English Camp between 19 July-8 August 2010. Aiming to allow students to live and learn together in an English speaking environment, students created good relationships as mentioned by a Japanese students in his homework writing.

(AKA Kamyu)... On July 19th we came to the camp. First time when we meet together we were so quiet. But when we eat dinner we became friends. We went to the zoo, waterfall, hot spring, and more. It was very fun...

The afternoon and out-of-class activities such as team buiding, boat racing, team sports and field trips supported the English classes well. Students enjoyed group challenges and field trips while they automatically practiced English language in a real-life situation. The three week camp went by so quickly but it successfully allowed students to improve their language skill.

Even though it is the last camp run under the name of the Prem Camp, it will remain a good memory of friendships among students from different nations. It sustains the Global Citizen concept of our institute. We look forward to next years camp under the Traidhos Three Generation Camps branding.