Traidhos Three-Generation Camps (Traidhos Camps)


Prem G4 Camp

Traidhos Camp had a great camp “2 days and 1 night” with Prem International School. Campers spent a fantastic night in tents after having  a good time during a lively campfire.

Day one was an active day with the adventurous climbing activity. It seemed like an easy activity until you were one the wall trying to go to the top! It was very challenging for everyone but with the very good support of  friends everyone did it!

Campers found out how to build their own fire and enjoyed making their bread sticks. It  was so much fun, learning how to build the fire from an amazing camp teacher, Cash. He taught everyone different skills about how to build the fire structure and how different countries use  fires to cook.

On day two, the campers thought about giving service. They went to Prosthesis Centre armed with many bags of ring pulls to donate. They learnt how  the prosthetic limbs are made and how the ring pulls can be recycled in this process.

After the Foundation we went to the local temple with Hand-2-Paw, where we  fed the temple dogs with food and treats, and provided medicine. These activities were a great way to give service back to our local community.