Traidhos Three-Generation Camps (Traidhos Camps)


Traidhos English Camp Summer 2018

English Camp ran for three two-week sessions   – The campers were mostly from China, with some Thai, Korean and Japanese campers too.Everyone joined to improve their English skills. We provided nine English classes in the mornings with Native English instructors with EFL teaching, over twenty-five hours in the two weeks. We saw that   with English classes, the campers became more confident. The campers  not only used English in the class but also during the activities in the afternoon and evening until to sleeping time!


We learnt all about the elephant - How to treat them, Why they are important and also the skeleton structure of the elephant.


It was really nice to play and create the games in the pool when it was a hot day.


Even though we have very similar cultures, campers loved to learn how to cook Thai food, and it was delicious...YUM!


Farm time, pizza time, after learning farming skills, we cooked our pizza for our dinner. Another tasty time!