Traidhos Camp

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Report Year
2018 Report
Summerhill Week 2B

Watch out!  On the second week  twenty-one new Scouts arrived at Traidhos Camp, the scouts were full of energy and were ready for every single activity. This trip we learned a lot more about elephants in Thailand. We visited the highest spot in Thailand, Doi Inthanon.  We stayed overnight at Touch Star Resort to be ready for the hiking adventure to Mae Klang Luang - a Karen village, with our lovely, kind local guides who showed us several local herbal trees on the way.

The next day, we had climbing activity session and it was amazing when we could all  climb to the top! Not only were these activities fun but we also cooked on the farm, tried our skill at archery and took part in a Muay Thai class. Words cannot explain everything! Let’s check some of our photos.

Summerhill Week 1B

During the last week of January, 11 Summerhill Scouts joined us from Shanghai for a week full of outdoor adventure! We started the week with a trip to Elephant Nature Park where everyone enjoyed learning more about the elephants and feeding them some of their favourite foods. A trip into the cloud forest to Thailand’s highest point provided the ultimate city escape before a hike to a hill tribe village allowed us all to see the process of how coffee is made. We ended the week on a high with a thrilling zip-lining experience, where no one was prepared for the vertical drop off but we all loved it! Finally we returned to campus for a campfire where everyone enjoyed watching performances and playing campfire games before roasting marshmallows! It’s impossible to include everything that happened in such an action packed week and these are just some of the highlights!

Summerhill 2A

Another fantastic week with smiling faces and eager explorers. The week was filled with Thai cultural experiences putting the group out of their comfort zones every day! They fully embraced the experiences offered, from jungle cooking at our farm to hiking in Doi Inthanon National Park.

A big highlight for this group were the teambuilding activities and singing and dancing on our final campfire night. It was great to see the group bond over the diverse activities by sharing their thoughts on the similarities and differences to home.

Thank you for your time and thoughts.

Summerhill 1A

Upon their arrival we could see that the group would be full of energy and eager to learn about Thailand’s culture. We kick started the weekend by zip lining through Chiang Mai’s jungle where the brave adventurers overcame their fear of heights. Upon achieving new heights, they became master chefs in Thai cuisine by learning how to make tom yum soup with the Cooking Academy.

Monday began the group’s adventure to the highest point in Thailand, Doi Inthanon. There, the students where fully engaged with the wonders of the outdoors.

Their week ended with a visit to The Elephant Nature Park where they learned about Thailand’s national animal and the importance of taking care of such beautiful creatures.

Thank you for sharing your culture with us.

Best Family Camp

"Wow! Mom come look at this."

This phrase was often overheard during this camp; what an exciting time for both parents and children. What a privilege it is as Traidhos Camp staff to watch and share in the joy of discovery learning. This camp offered both challenges and fun for all involved. From beetles and bugs to Thai cooking and arts and crafts the group engaged in many thrilling activities. Trying out their English lanuage skills as well rounded out a week of great experiences.

Traidhos English Camp January 2018

Fifteen campers enjoyed a week- long program which included formal english classes and activities conducted in English during the rest of the time. They explored the process of rice farming, braving the muddy water of the rice paddy, cooked a thai-style lunch and enjoyed a boat ride on the River Ping looking at life along the riverbank.

One of the highlights was the chance to view the night sky through a telescope and to learn about the folk story of Orion, along with daily games on the field to keep warm during the chilly January mornings.