Traidhos Three-Generation Camps (Traidhos Camps)

About Us

About Us


    Camp Counselors

  • Traidhos Camp works with international and bilingual staff from the Traidhos Barge and Visiting School Programs, and enthusiastic university counselors.
  • All staff love being with students, have experience in facilitating activities in Thailand and caring for summer campers. They are passionate about building camp community, making sure campers have a memorable time and in developing the skills of a global citizen.
  • Staff are trained in first aid and are aware of site risk assessments to keep children safe. Everyone has had a criminal background check.

    Camp Vision

  • Encouraging and nurturing new interests in young people enabling them to grow towards their full potential as happy, global citizens.

    Camp Mission

  • Traidhos Three Generation Community for Learning's carefully planned and facilitated camp programs allow campers to develop in a safe environment. Living in a caring community promoting cooperation and fun, students grow in self-confidence and independence whilst exploring new life-long skills and interests. Camp programs expose campers to global issues at a personal level.

    Our Staff

  • Haaniah Akhtar

    Since leaving London for Singapore in 2014 as part of her university degree, Haaniah has fully immersed herself in South East Asian culture. Having graduated with a Geography degree from Kings College London, Haaniah moved to Hanoi, where she took up various positions teaching English and Art as well as contributing to environmental NGO Green ID.

    At Green ID Haaniah conducted research on “green transport solutions for the rural poor in the Mekong Delta” and dedicated an art project to her experiences with Hanoi’s traffic pollution.

    Haaniah was a Recycling Advisor for Keep Britain Tidy and has delivered resident engagement campaigns for the UK’s Recycle Week. She has also volunteered as a Youth Catalyst on behalf of the UK Youth Coalition of Climate Change. She designed campaign strategies with her local MP and activists across the UK to tackle the issue of climate change. She has also completed the Global Action Plan Training Programme on inspiring behavioural change.

    Haaniah enjoys writing, creating artwork and running outdoors.

  • Sheena Niamjan

    Sheena Niamjan came to Thailand in 2004. After completing a degree in Earth Science in Canada she was excited to start work at the Traidhos Barge program. Bringing science textbooks to life as an outdoor environmental educator is what she enjoys most.

    Sheena has been working with Traidhos in some way ever since she arrived in Thailand. She has worked for the Barge Program, the Visiting School program, the Traihdos Farm and for Traidhos Camps, where she is currently a camps facilitator and coordinator.

    She took a few years off to have her daughter and lives at Pun Pun Centre for Self Reliance just north of Traidhos campus. Living there she helps to run the organic farm and seed saving centre, she runs trainings and also home-schools her daughter. She uses these skills to encourage children to engage with their environment in a positive way. She also speaks Thai fairly well as she lives with twenty Thai people in her farming community.

  • Winter Camp Staff

    During the busy New Year Winter Period, Traidhos Camp is pleased to be joined by these enthusiastic educators from the UK.

    Summer Camp Staff 2018

    Some of the Camp Counsellors during the Summer 2018 season

    Summer Camp Staff 2019

    Some of the Summer camp 2019 staff and camp counsellors