Traidhos Camp

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Report Year
2017 Report
AUA, Chiang Mai

A committed group of teenagers studying with AUA joined Traidhos Camp for a two day English Through Environment Camp on Doi Inthanon. Students worked hard to use every day English and to express themselves during activities. Despite living in Chiang Mai, it was their first time to stand on the roof of Thailand and to marvel at the water droplets caught in the moss and lichen in the summit cloud forest.

Students had fun playing environmental games as they considered human impact in the National Park and animal adaptations.

The camp was rounded off with service projects in the Mae Klang Luang village. AUA students painted a classroom wall and played games with the local children.

Everyone agreed it had been a great camp.

Camp Counsellor Development Program (CCDP)

The Camp Counsellor Development Program is a collaborative program between Traidhos Camps Chiang Mai and SummerHill Scouts, Shanghai. Traidhos Camps believes in the value of developing leadership in young people and in the power of peer leaders. Working with SummerHill Scouts in Shanghai, three young coaches were interviewed and selected. This summer they spent two weeks volunteering as part of the leadership team on different family and english camps run by Traidhos Camps. Watch them describe their experiences in this video.

Staff, parents and campers were all impressed by the maturity and sense of responsibility presented by the young coaches. The junior coaches were able to reflect on the many skills they developed and problems they overcame. It was a possitive learning experience for everyone and we look forward to developing CCDP in the future.

Origin Children's House Family Camp, Papaya Group

Relationships are important. Learning can only take place easily when campers feel safe and their parents trust the camp staff leading them.

Papaya Family Camp had all the right combinations - caring staff who gave each camper time, fun staff who they wanted to play with again and again and supportive parents who encouraged their children to participate and try new things.

Visits to the farm, simple cookery, arts and crafts and learning from the local environment all contributed to a happy week for families in Chiang Mai.

Origin Children's House Family Camp

Our youngest campers proved to be amazing nature detectives, even encouraging their mums to look at insects and creepy crawlies in a new light! After the heavy rain, the inquisitive campers found a host of snails, millipedes, grubs and crabs and delighted in observing them.

The camp was a great opportunity for Mums to enjoy the company of other mums and for their children aged 4 - 6 years old to learn to share and interact with other children in a new setting and to try new things. One of the memorable moments was watching the children paint their parents' faces through a sheet of plastic strung between the trees and enjoying the spacious fields at #TraidhosCamp to play together.

It was a happy week.

Habitat Camp

Number 7 Post Office camp had an exciting week in Chiang Mai exploring habitats and ecosystems while practicing their English skills and learning about Thai culture. Visits to the aquarium allowed an exploration of the underwater world while elephant camp gave a close up and hands on experience of Thailand's national animal. The campers also got to learn what an elephant eats when they helped to prepare lunch!

A morning on the farm taught the group about traditional Thai rice farming. The children ploughed the fields using buffalo and made their own lemonade with freshly picked lemons providing some zesty refreshment at the end of a busy week.

William's English Camp

From  24 to 29 July, the small group of kids and parents that formed William’s English Camp were treated to a week of activities with Traidhos Three-Generation’s Camp Program. The four campers, aged between 4 and 7, were full of energy from the start, and though a bit shy to speak English in the first lesson, proved that they had gained a fantastic grasp of the language by the end of the trip.

The Kids learnt through a variety of activities, sometimes in a classroom environment and often in an outdoor interactive environment, such as Thai Elephant Care Centre or Traidhos Farm and Cooking Academy, occasionally with their parents there to share the experiences with them.

Origin Children's House

Traidhos Family Camps are all about the parents and their children spending precious time together, by having fun, playing new activities and having new experiences with each other.

This family camp was quite special because of the way the children loved to participate and experience everything! What amazing young people! With the support of their parents, they challenged themselves (and encouraged their parents to challenge themselves too)!

The way they worked together and alongside our team created a safe and warm environment for all. What a lovely time we’ve all had together!

Here are some of the photos of the camp - well done Origin Children’s House Family Camp!  We hope to see you again!

One mother commented, “Please come to China, we would love to have you all come play with us again!"

Moon for Sun Family Camp

Traidhos Family Camp is all about spending time together, doing activities with a parent and child together and having all kinds of fun together. This family camp was truly nice because of the  lovely, warm families. Please check out these photos,  they say everything!

One father commented, " When I was in Shanghai, I was working everyday. During the camp I spent time with him (my son)  and now I know him more" Matteo's Father.

April Camp 2017

The week before Songkran, seven girls joined Traidhos Camp and despite their different nationalities, quickly became like sisters. We played, shared and talked as if  we had been together for a long time even though we had only just met. It was not surprising that by the last day we did not want to leave, we all wanted to do it all again.

We played parachute games, completed team building challenges, built an egg flying machine, and played the game we loved the most: werewolf! We cooked for ourselves twice. Once at Traidhos  Cooking Academy, and another time  at Traidhos Farm during Jungle Cooking activity. In the middle of the week, we camped on the highest mountain in Thailand, Doi Inthanon. At the end of our week together we enjoyed campfire and our own fashion show. It was a great week!

Hong Kong International School, week 2

After a long week of activities in Chiang Mai, students from Hong Kong International School (HKIS) joined  Traidhos Camp for the last day of cultural experience.  Students learned about the use of saa paper to make traditional umbrellas and were chilled, relaxed and calm while painting their own designs. Another highlight was working out with Muay Thai.

Hong Kong International School, week 1

Hong Kong International School (HKIS) joined Traidhos Camps for a  one day camp within a longer trip to Thailand. They requested activities that had a Thai Theme. In the morning we started with Thai cooking, learning about the vegetables, techniques and processes used to make Thai food. Everyone  ate their cooking for lunch. It must have been good because we were all  very full.

In the afternoon, campers took an easy walk to the Traidhos  Farm where they spent time learning about sustainable and organic vegetables in Thailand. The last activity was Muay Thai. Campers discovered some of the traditions surrounding this and enjoyed participating in this  relaxing exercise before heading home.

SummerHill Scout Association Group 1

We were pleased to see SummerHill Scouting group from Shanghai between January 19-25, 2017 at Traidhos Camp, Chiang Mai. The kids really enjoyed the variety of activities that this activity camp provided, especially experiencing the safe and secure zip line at  Eagle Track, the  Muay Thai class which promoted a cultural introduction to good health and basic self-defence skills, as well as  activities including  umbrella painting, elephant care, jungle cooking and hiking.

SummerHill Scout Association, Camp 2

Sixteen lovely students aged 8 - 12, from Shanghai, China took part in a camp program between 30 January and 5 February 2017. They really loved doing  activities and were so happy to get  new experiences. One activity that they were very impressed by was the visit to Thai Elephant Care Home. Here they were able to make medicine balls, feed elephants and learn more about the life and needs of elephants.

Korean Camp

Traidhos Camps welcomed the Korean Culture Camp group who brought thirteen Korean students between grade 3 and grade 8. Each morning students studied in their English class and then each afternoon, participated in a half day of camp activities with Traidhos Camp staff. The students enjoyed the camp especially the range of food in the cafeteria.

Suanboonyopathum School

The first camp group to start t 2017 was Saunboonyopatham Lumphun School. This camp was just two days long but  filled with  amazing activities and full of  fun. One highlight was the BBQ party at dinner time and the environmental and team building activities. Even though it was only a short camp, saying good bye was difficult for both staff and students

Family Tennis and Activity Camp

Traidhos Camp was happy to welcome a group of tennis players, their coach and families. Each morning the visiting coach trained the young players and for the rest of the day the families enjoyed the Traidhos Camp Program activities which included time at the Traidhos Farm, Cooking at the Traidhos Cooking Academy, an evening campfire with songs, games and marshmallows, village exploration, Kayaking and high ropes activities.

The group appreciated the beautiful campus and the range of activities that the campus and area around Chiang Mai could offer.

Zoe's English family camp

This camp was truly a Traidhos Three-Generation family camp, with participants from 77 years old to 2 years old! Children were incredible with English lessons and loved their arts and crafts. Three generations learning and participating in a variety of activities together was an incredible experience for all.

Best Study Education, China

This exciting camp began on the chilly slopes of Doi Intanon, the students were overjoyed by seeing their frosty breath in the mornings air. We all enjoyed our trek through the forest to see a Karen village and to try our hands at roasting coffee. Back at the Traidhos campus English classes and teambuilding games were filled with fun. The trip finished up with an English presentation for their parents, this inquisitive group of children headed home with new friends and new vocabulary too!