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Fun Food & Feasting Camp

21 - 27 June 2020

Traidhos Three Generation Summer Camp program is excited to offer a Thai Cooking Camp, “Fun, Food and Feasting,”in Chiang Mai, Thailand. During this residential summer break program students will learn how to buy, prepare, cook and eat a variety of Thai foods through hands on education with Traidhos Cooking Academy. In this course students will gain an appreciation for different foods while developing their culinary skills. Students can expect to learn about how and where our food comes from, safe knife handling skills, ways to make and prepare foods, where and how to buy ingredients and other team building activities.

This residential camp is for everyone who is interested in food. You will spend at least half a day cooking in the Traidhos Cooking Academy, learning to use utensils and covering a range of Asian and western techniques. Additional you will cook pizza in our mud-brick oven and prepare a feast over charcoal. You will learn about local vegetables from different parts of Thailand and explore the flavours from edible ferns (Pak-Ghood), Cowslip creepers (Dok Kha-Jorn) and many more. Discover the difference between curry from Northern Thailand and Southern Thailand. Explore a local market to get to know local seasonal vegetables and investigate how to cook with them. Try new foods including deep-fried insects!!! This week long activity camp includes vegetable carving decoration. Discover how to decorate your food and develop skills of carving vegetables. Off campus visits include exploring a bee farm to discover where honey comes from and also how sweet it is. On returning to campus, use honey in your cooking instead of sugar while you enjoy making honey ice cream. Investigate a local tea plantation and learn about the high nutritional and medicinal value of tea leaves. Have fun visiting a huge orange farm and learn how to make jam to take home to your family.

This Summer camp is for everyone interested in food, age 9 - 14 years.

The camp will be conducted in English.

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Fun Food & Feasting Camp21 - 27 June 2020฿25,000฿23,000

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